How To Avoid Oil and Gas Leasing Scams

It is already overwhelming enough entering into a mineral estate lease without the possibility of it being a scam, but it is also something anyone with a mineral estate should be aware of and on the lookout for. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you might not be able to determine whether an offer is legitimate or not, but having even a minor understanding of what to avoid can help protect you from getting a bad deal.

Signs of a Possible Mineral Leasing Scam

If you’ve never been through the process of mineral leasing, it can be difficult to know the signs. Here are our tips for avoiding any type of scam when it comes to your mineral lease:
  • Research the company - The first thing you should do when you receive a lease offer is to do a little research on
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What To Consider Before Signing a Mineral Lease

When you are considering negotiating a lease on your mineral estate it is important that you know what you are getting into. Having proper knowledge and patience is vital to negotiating oil and gas leases. There are many ways that you can become more educated on the process, as well as some tips on what to avoid when entering into a mineral lease.

Negotiating a Mineral Estate Lease

As you already know, making the decision to lease your mineral rights is a big step. We want to give you a couple of tips and things to consider before you sign a deal:
  • Don’t be overly eager –Properly negotiating gas leases is a timely endeavor and takes a lot of patience. Price is also not the only thing you want to focus on, you should also be aware of your surface rights a
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Things Every Mineral Owner Should Know

If you have ownership over mineral rights it can be overwhelming to understand everything involved. Part of owning a mineral estate means that you, as the property owner, have a right to mine, exploit, or produce any and all of the minerals that can be found underneath the surface of your property. There are several tips that are beneficial for you to know about what it means to have a mineral estate.

What Your Need to Know: Mineral Ownership

As a mineral owner, there’s a few things you need to know to make sure that you can make informed decisions about your assets moving forward. Here are our tips:
  • Know what you own: When selling a home, it is important to know what will attract buyers and what reasons the property may attract a higher or lower price than othe
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What are Excavated Minerals Used For?

People don’t often realize how big a role the oil and gas industry plays in our day-to-day life. Not only do they make up a good portion of the energy that sustains our way of life, but they both also make our lives easier and simpler in many different ways.

Oil Uses

There are many different uses for crude oil and petroleum. Oils are often used as coolants for things such as electric transformers and machine lubricants. Many oils burn in a liquid or aerosol form and can generate light and heat, both of which can be converted into other forms of energy such as electricity. It is also the main source of fuel for vehicles throughout the world. Oil can be converted into many different forms including butane, petrol, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and kerosene. Crude oil can be refined to u
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