What are Excavated Minerals Used For?

People don’t often realize how big a role the oil and gas industry plays in our day-to-day life. Not only do they make up a good portion of the energy that sustains our way of life, but they both also make our lives easier and simpler in many different ways.

Oil Uses

There are many different uses for crude oil and petroleum. Oils are often used as coolants for things such as electric transformers and machine lubricants. Many oils burn in a liquid or aerosol form and can generate light and heat, both of which can be converted into other forms of energy such as electricity. It is also the main source of fuel for vehicles throughout the world.

Oil can be converted into many different forms including butane, petrol, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and kerosene. Crude oil can be refined to use in many household items such as detergents, fertilizers, medicines, paints, and plastics. The world consumes about eighty-seven million barrels of oil each day. It is also used for the heating in some buildings through furnaces and boilers, though most of these buildings are older. Most new buildings and homes use natural gas more often that oil.

Natural Gas Uses

Natural gases are a major source of energy, including electricity generation through renewable energy sources such as gas turbines, steam turbines, and cogeneration. It is also useful for wind and solar power and is used in most grid peaking power plants and engine generators. It burns more cleanly than other hydrocarbon fuels, such as oil and coal, and produces a lesser amount of carbon dioxide. This is why it is often used as a fertilizer

It additionally has several domestic uses such as heating, cooking, and in transportation. Natural gas is often found in modern homes for ranges and ovens, clothes dryers, and central heating. It is also a cleaner alternative to other vehicle fuels such as gasoline and diesel while still maintaining an equal energy efficiency. At the end of 2012 there were roughly seventeen million natural gas vehicles worldwide.

The Oil and Gas Industry

Together, oil and natural gas supply more than sixty percent of the nation’s energy to fuel vehicles, heat buildings and homes, and cook out food. It also helps generate the electricity that powers everyone’s daily lives. Contact us today for more information about what your minerals are being used for once they have left your property.