Your Options

In general, a mineral owner has 3 options with regards to their minerals rights:

(1) Retain All Minerals or Royalty

A mineral or royalty owner may choose to retain all of his or her interest and hope that in the future, drilling will occur and be successful. and/or their current royalty stream will not decline significantly. 

(2) Divest a Portion of Your Interest

A mineral or royalty owner may choose to reduce their risk and sell a portion of his/her interest for a significant cash payment today and retain the remaining upside. For mineral owners with producing royalties, they may sell a portion for a large cash infusion today and keep the remaining royalty stream for a secure source of monthly income.

(3) Divest All Your Interest

To reduce all future uncertainty, a mineral owner may choose to “cash out” entirely from their mineral or royalty interests today, so that the profit can be invested or enjoyed elsewhere.

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