Flatiron Energy Partners are interested in a number of different oil and natural gas shale plays. We invest in a variety of different oil and gas properties located across the United States. Listed below are some of the different oil and gas shale plays in which we have the most interest.

Utica Shale
Covering most of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, the Utica Shale is in its early stages of development. Flatiron is primarily interested in acquiring minerals in the following counties in Eastern Ohio: Carroll, Harrison, Guernsey, Belmont, Noble & Monroe.

Marcellus Shale
The Marcellus Shale extends along much of the Eastern Coast of the United States and throughout the Appalachian Basin. Flatiron is interested in this natural gas rich shale play.

Woodford Shale
Sometimes known as a complex oil and gas play, Woodford Shale is another investment target for Flatiron Energy partners, primarily in Oklahoma.

Eagle Ford Shale
Some consider Eagle Ford Shale to be the best unconventional shale play in the United States. Flatiron Energy Partners will continue to invest in this oil shale play in Texas.

Haynesville Shale
A very important natural gas shale play in Eastern Texas and Louisiana, Haynesville Shale is another investment target for Flatiron Energy Partners. This shale is estimated to been one of the largest natural gas fields in the lower 48 states.

Bakken Shale
Found in North Dakota and the surrounding areas, Bakken Shale is named after a local farmer from Tioga, ND who owned the land where it was first discovered. Flatiron Energy Partners are looking to buy Bakken Shale mineral rights.

Niobrara Shale
Located near the border of Northeast Colorado, Southwest Nebraska, Southeast Wyoming and Northwest is the Niobrara Shale rock formation. An exciting oil shale play, Niobrara is another shale Flatiron Energy Partners are interested in.

Wolfcamp Shale
Extending from North Midland Midland to Lubbock, Texas Wolfcamp Shale is another important oil shale play for Flatiron Energy Partners.

Wolfbone and Bone Springs Shale
Located in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico, the Permian Basin is comprised of a number of smaller basins. It contains one of the world’s thickest rocks deposits and the Wolf Bone Shale and Bone Springs Shale coming out of the area serves a strong interest to Flatiron Energy Partners.