Oil and gas production in Colorado has risen by nearly 50 percent in the last four years, and it’s at an all-time high today. Niobrara Shale runs through a portion of Colorado and into a small part of Wyoming, and it is a solid oil producing area in the United States.

If you own mineral rights or royalties in Colorado and are interested in selling, Flatiron Energy Partners are looking to buy. Some of the most common reasons owners choose to sell their mineral rights and royalties include:

Mineral rights for cash: Many people choose to sell their rights in full in order to get a complete cash payout. This is the perfect way to get needed cash for other expenses that you may have, and we buy mineral rights that are producing and non-producing.

Royalties for cash: Royalties depend greatly on the current commodity market, so you may want to forego furthering the risk in exchange for a lump sum payout. We can purchase your royalties and will calculate a fair payout.

Leaving the mineral business: If you’re looking to get out of the oil and gas business, you can sell your Niobara Shale rights or royalties for cash. You do not have to sell your property itself when selling mineral rights, as they can be treated as separate items. Choosing to get the cash you need for important expenses may also result in no longer having the stress of working.

Selling in part: If your rights are in production and you are receiving royalties, you have the option of selling only part of your rights to get extra cash, while still keeping part to continue receiving royalties. with your mineral rights.


Selling mineral rights in Colorado can be beneficial for owners, and our experts work hard to ensure that you get the most for your rights. By choosing to work with experts to have your Niobara Shale rights evaluated, you’ll be able to determine if the option to sell Niobrara shale mineral rights in Colorado is the right option for you..

For more information, or to talk to an expert about your choices during the process, give us a call or send an email today. We’ll be happy to begin the evaluation process and get you an offer in a timely manner. Please contact Flatiron Energy Partners or click here to learn more about our business.