Gas Royalties for Sale

What Are Gas Royalties?

Many landowners are often sitting on valuable natural gas reserves without even knowing it. Because the idea of extracting natural gas is a fairly daunting one, it’s understandable that when a landowner discovers a natural gas shale play sits under their property they are not always sure what to do.

Flatiron Energy Partners (Flatiron) specializes in educating our customers the resources available to them on their land through a detailed property evaluation before we make an offer. We feel the need to inform property owners of all their options, rather than simply pressuring them to get rid of their gas royalties for sale.

Do you have Gas Royalties for Sale?

If you are already aware of a shale play in your area and currently have gas royalties for sale, Flatiron offers top market prices to purchase these interests. We appreciate all opportunities presented to us to buy gas royalties and always respect the owner’s land throughout the transaction. Our aim is to create relationships that benefit both parties and last a long time.

Flatiron buys gas royalties from a number of different locations across the country. Whether you possess mineral rights under the Haynesville Shale, Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale, Barnett Shale,  or a number of other different shale plays, we are interested in speaking to you. Our helpful staff can answer any questions you might have regarding gas royalties for sale or anything else related to oil and gas mineral rights and royalties. Please Contact Flatiron Energy Partners today.