Oil Royalties for Sale

Oil Royalties… What are they and why are they important?

There are many types of mineral rights that can be produced from under one’s land. Oil, Gas, Coal, Lignite, Bluestone and Gravel are all examples of different types of mineral rights. For owners of these mineral rights, it’s possible to create a nice stream of income if oil is successfully found and produced. The percentage of total oil production that is paid to the owner of the minerals is known as the oil royalty.

Selling oil royalties and selling mineral rights are two different types of transactions that are often confused. If you are a mineral owner, you do have the option to sell your oil royalty stream without the sale of your mineral rights. If this is the case then you are simply selling any revenue stream associated with the production of oil that results from your mineral rights. This means that putting your oil royalties for sale means you can still maintain ownership of the mineral rights.

The choice between selling oil royalties and mineral rights is often a difficult one. Retaining ownership of the mineral rights and simply selling the oil royalties may not pay off as well in the short term, however some mineral rights owners want to retain some upside and ownership in hopes that they may be able to profit in the future from their mineral rights.

If you have oil royalties for sale, Flatiron Energy Partners would like the opportunity to buy them. We help educate our customers on the options they have so they can make the most informed decision. Please fill out our property evaluation form today if you have oil royalties for sale.