Selling Mineral Rights

Is Selling Mineral Rights a Good Idea?

In a variety of regions across the United States there are areas where mineral and royalty interest shave significant value. There are a number of reasons why selling minerals might be a good option to consider, but here, we will go into more detail about how to sell mineral rights.

If you own the mineral or royalty rights under your land, these rights are completely severable from the ownership of your property. This means you don’t have to relinquish the surface ownership of your property in order to sell mineral rights. At the time of the sale, a Mineral or Royalty Deed will be signed for a cash payment. This transaction is completely separate from anything involved with the surface of the property.

If you do not own any surface rights to a property but received your mineral or royalty interest through a previous mineral reservation or inheritance, you can consider selling mineral rights just like you would sell a car or home.

At Flatiron Energy Partners, LLC (Flatiron), we make the process of selling minerals and royalty as straightforward and easy as possible. We’ve built our reputation on offering the best price for mineral rights to our customers and see building relationships as one of our most important goals. If you own and are considering selling mineral rights, the first step is to fill out our property evaluation form. From there, we can get a better idea of the mineral and royalty rights you currently own and see if we will be able to make an offer.

Whether you have a strong interest in selling your mineral rights or just curious about a potential offer, please contact Flatiron Energy Partners today.